Paint With Light Photography by Kathryn Hudson | Investment

 **My prices are a general guideline. I understand that everyone has different circumstances and needs on what they are looking for in a photographer and the moments you are wanting to capture. With this in mind, I would love to talk to you directly to better understand your "wants" and I will be able to give you a specific quote once we determine the details of your photo shoot. My goal is to customize your experience so we all walk away with the WOW factor.


    These sessions are designed to be fun with some traditional set up shots and some interactive shots. I usually do not use props. A blanket, a ladder, a box or a stool to sit on and/or around is all I usually bring to these sessions. We can discuss other things at your request as I will tailor things to fit your ideas and wants. Capturing the family unit is the goal with hugs and kisses, playful interaction and love.


    Birthdays, milestones and any and all other memories you want to capture and preserve. These can include portraits, sports or hobbies or playing and climbing in a park or on a playground. Candids are great and offer a unique opportunity to capture raw personality. Props can be used in these sessions if they lend to the occasion or if you desire things be included. Sports, hobbies, interests, Easter (Spring),  Fall, Christmas, etc. Once we discuss if you want props or a theme I will begin working on ideas to get the results you desire.


    In the comfort of your home or outside. These sessions are to tell of the soon to arrive gift from God. Capturing the love and glow of  pregnancy and the highly anticipated bundle that will begin or continue the growing of your family. Single, couples and/or other siblings can be included.


    Special aspects of your relationship are brought into these sessions. Whether it is a special location or theme, anything that helps tell your story of the love that is taking you into the next chapter of your life.

 Our Family is Growing and Gender Reveals

    These sessions can be as simple or as creative as you like. We can discuss any ideas you may have to make your big announcement.



   2 hour time commitment

   35-40 fully edited downloadable and shareable images

   optional cd



   1 hour time commitment

   30-35 fully edited downloadable and shareable images

   optional cd



   Mini session (30 Minutes) 

   15-20 fully edited downloadable and shareable images

   extra charge for a cd

Senior Graduates / Cap & Gown

    Formal and informal sessions. Integrating school interests, sports and hobbies. These session can include multiple wardrobe changes   and multiple locations can be an option.

    $450.00 (package deal for both sessions since senior portraits and cap & gown are generally done at separate times) **

    $350.00 for senior graduate portrait sessions with multiple wardrobe changes & locations **

    $200.00 for cap & gown sessions and basic senior graduate portraits

    30-35 fully edited downloadable and shareable images

    optional cd 

    **depending on the distance of the location(s) these sessions could possibly be a larger investment.


    I do not use a lot of extra props unless otherwise requested. I like to focus on the baby and capture with my camera the adorable new little human that has captured your heart. I will use special blankets, toys or any generational items that have been passed down in the family or if there is anything special you want to include. I will work with any ideas you have. This is a special moment in your story and I will do what it takes to record this memory for you. These sessions can be all about the baby or include the proud parents, siblings and grand parents.


    2-4 hours time commitment. I work with the baby’s schedule so the time commitment is not an exact.

    30-35 fully edited downloadable and shareable images

    optional cd

All Sessions Include:

Pre-session consultation - we will discuss time commitment, set up time for the actual shoot, talk about location, wardrobe suggestions and what you can expect from me and what I will need from you to make this experience fun and successful for everyone. We can also take this time to discuss your ideas and thoughts.

Post session previews - we can schedule a personal preview session or I will upload minimal edited low resolution images on my website (in a password protected gallery) for you to preview at your leisure and convenience. Once you decide on your favorites, I will do a final edit and re-post high resolution downloadable images. You also have the option of a personalized, labeled cd.

**Prints - I do not offer upfront print packages because size preferences and quantities vary with my clients. I do not want you to have to purchase print sizes you don’t want or need. Therefore, once you decide on the images you want printed, I will personalize a print package to fit what you specify. Once I get an approval on the print investment and payment, I will order your prints and it generally takes up to a week to receive them. 

**Some clients do not understand the crop factor when printing from the downloadable images or the optional cd, therefore if you need assistance in determining the size of your prints I will help you so that the integrity and composition of all my images is maintained.